Headaches - Migraine

Young lady (32 years old, Aries), came to the surgery today. She has two children, a husband (Gemini) and she have had a headache in the right half for two years. Pain directs from forehead to head and eye. She has nausea and she vomits. She works in a company as a worker on an assembly line.

I found there signs of bitterness and wet in the gallbladder and gallbladder track. I called husband (Gemini), who was sitting in the waiting room, and he didn’t want to go to the surgery. Wife (Aries) isn’t very satisfied at work, she doesn’t like to go there, she doesn’t enjoy it and she could do another job. I totally supported her from her husband. Suppression of rage and anger in the gall bladder, her frustration, discontent irritate the gallbladder meridian, which goes to the head and causing her pain, her pills don’t work. Communication at home with her husband stagnate, there isn’t a fruitful marital dialogue. Problems aren’t solved, problems remain in each of them and a lot of hurt psyche. This holds for both. I suggested to them a solution.

They have two children. The wife would have third child. Husband (Gemini) not. Self-realization of wife (Aries) is necessary, without it will feel unhappy and the problem of migraines is not fully resolved. My herbs to help her, but only partially. It is important for a husband to understand that if he wants to have a contented wife and marriage, he would have to be more involved in spousal communication about the desire of his wife. And that he cannot cut off her monologue that she wouldn’t listen, and leave. Or that it doesn’t help to change things. Of course, even at a smaller sacrifice or denial of a larger male selfishness.

If this situation will last further in the weak marital communication, threatens not only the wife of a lifelong headache, but also other problems of health impact that result from disabilities gall track. This means that highlighted joint problems, urinary problems, benign hyperplasia of the breast, thyroid problems with fibroids and cysts in the abdomen etc. Wife Aries everything understands and pushes it in our communications tears to my eyes because it's so full feeling. The husband is watching, and I think that's what I told them, somewhere in the heart with him stuck. I was glad to hear it. Gemini Do not do anything to force it harden. But I believe that our conversation clues planted in the heart, and that I think of him when the stereotype behavior in the family will want to change.

Therefore, it is necessary in every family double communication that strengthens the marriage bond. This will be stronger and proves successful even in times of discomfort, stress, family problems, job problems.

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