Visits in surgery in the autumn bad weather

Today is the real autumn day. After a morning traffic jam on the highway, morning espresso and newspaper news thirty patients await me. I have quite a lot while I have to discuss with each about cause of problems, their beginning, genesis, all mental disability and their consequences on the present state of health.

The first twenty-seven man (Taurus) came to the surgery. Successful businessman, well secured. He is exhausted, tired and he doesn’t have a free time for anything, not even to himself. It is a weakness liver energy. It is based on the lack of suppression of anger and relationship. He doesn’t have enough physical activity to balance the psychological burden. Young, a bit self-centered Taurus desires assets and ensuring, however, that lifestyle rolls him. He is looking for meaning in their existence. He philosophizes. In this state, I wouldn’t recommend making any decisions.

Liver and gallbladder must be strong institutions, because they indicate the right time to the right decision. If these institutions aren’t in harmony, all decisions are premature and hasty, possibly late and delayed. I gave him a special herbal mixtures for nutrition and cool the liver, which nourish his inside the blood and improve the condition of the eyes that fade. Finally, it will improve the condition of tendons that hurts him.

Next couple walked into the surgery. Worried wife and weak man, at first glance he is tired and short of breath with heavy breathing. Tumor formation beneath the skin made him and according to doctors it is a malignant tumor. He underwent radiation. Status is returning to him. The doctors suggested chemotherapy. In my tests it is a bearing in the lungs bilaterally with the presence of inflammation of the socalled heat, which arose from great anxiety. Not from illness.

On the question with who he has the problem, he answers me that with him son. They haven’t talked together for a long time, because he is doing something that he cannot accept. Unfortunately, from my measurements I based that he has a 90 % internal aggression suppressed. And this aggression destroys him. It leads him somewhere else rather than to health. I recommended chemotherapy move at least a week to inflammation and the condition clears. I hope you understand that forgiveness and acceptance son and his mistakes will help him even physically. It would be good to change their priorities and value systems.

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  • "In my opinion, the doctor Maček is the best doctor in his field. And not only that. Even as a person he is friendly and he has a human understanding. I have gone to him for several years and he always help me with my trouble, even if other doctors didn’t know. I appreciate the doctor. I’m grateful for his help."

    Petra Malovana

    source: Známý lékař.cz

  • "MUDr. Josef Maček has human approach and he is professional. He always find the cause of my problems. I can recommend him. If you think the price is high, you should go to another doctor and your eyes roll. But I don’t know if you find another doctor with these therapeutic qualities."

    Thomas Stastny

    source: Známý lékař.cz

  • "MUDr. Maček is specialist in Chinese medicine. It is admirable that he always finds the true cause of the disease. With family and friends we have gone to him for ten years. He has a human approach. He has our complete confidence and with treatment outcome we are satisfied. I warmly recommend him. "

    Paul Kolar

    source: Známý lékař.cz

  • "Mr. Macek always helps me to 100 %. He is an excellent doctor who knows what he’s talking about. The doctor is inexpressible excellent. You won’t find so special doctor anywhere else. He is also pleasant and he is always willing to help."

    Vaclav Prochazka

    source: Známý lékař.cz

  • "I have known Dr. Maček for many years. I’m very satisfied with him. He helped me and my family many times. Treatment is expensive for someone. But inspections aren’t frequent, and therefore we can afford to visit the clinic 3 times a year. He can help and solve the problem. He is outstanding in his field. His approach is very human."

    Marie Slamova

    source: Známý lékař.cz

  • "Mr. Josef Maček is an absolute leader in the field of Chinese medicine. I have gone to him for a long time. He cured me always. I have lots of friends who come to him with a radically different health problems and they are also pleased with the result of the treatment. I recommend him."

    Patricia Urbanova

    source: Známý lékař.cz

  • "Yes, MUDr. Josef Maček is an excellent doctor and a specialist. For comparison: My friend paid tens of thousands crowns for infertility treatment abroad. But doctors didn’t help her. She paid only a frew hundred crowns at MUDr. Josef Maček. She knew the cause within a few minutes. She bought products to strengthen the institutions of Dr. Maček. She became pregnant within three months. I can recommend MUDr. Josef Maček."

    Marketa Svobodova

    source: Známý lékař.cz

  • "MUDr. Josef Maček is the greatest expert in the Czech Republic in terms of women’s infertility. He has the successes in treating acne, depression, psoriasis, migraine etc. I don’t think the prices are higher. I’m convinced that the price matches the quality."

    Lenka Bartosova

    source: Známý lékař.cz

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