Currently unrest and riots, which falls on us from the outside world, society, family, work, media, and the authorities that are responsible for a good night's sleep, very congested. In the evening and night hours, when the physiologically occur time calming, cooling, relaxation occurs so-called state of bitterness and thought the wind.

These two pollutants we cancelled our sleep, persists internal activity that disturbs the natural curve of our daily course of energy. It culminates in a period of midday and afternoon. A falling in the evening and at night. Yesterday I was investigating an elderly woman in the sign of Gemini, which is a lot of wind in the case of a sign of mental load. It often takes it upon himself because he wants to have everything very clean, tidy and this means that relationships under the sign must at all costs be nice. And it flies, trying to please everyone, and when she does not return it nice, nervous, wind, depressed, tearful, ill-tempered and unstable. Subject to its restlessness and sleep, because it is this restlessness at night void sleep. Sweating, is it hot at night, taking sleeping pills. This is the case of this lady.

I found her so-called wind in the pericardium. This wind occurs when excessive restlessness, a lot emotionally colored wind thoughts. The patient takes care of his elderly father, he wants to handle it alone, but can no longer feel sad, so happy she wanted to handle. She rises wind in the pericardium, which enters the brain, it causes insomnia, dizziness, strange, shallow and doplašené dreams. It is often irritable, crying even stronger without complaint, her life is that you never know how it will react to a trivial matter.

This diagnosis is about one of the three that cause insomnia. I use herbal products that this unrest and wind pericardium get away. But it is of course important that the person slightly changed its priorities and resources unrest, which hurt the pericardium - heart container. A neprožíval daily cares so intensely and irrationally as before. To find the time to devote to themselves and to God who is the true source of peace and that we in this room as a gracious Heavenly Father gives, when we turn to him. Constantly we make mistakes when looking for a room in a man, it is insufficient. Because we are inadequate. In what? In everything.

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