Insomnia and spleen

In the last post I deal with a patient who suffered from insomnia. The cause was the so-called vortex of ideas in packaging heart - pericardium. Right behind her came into the office fifty-five patient in Libra. At night he wakes up and cannot sleep. He suffers for about twenty years and feel very tired, pale and inefficient.

Unlike patients in the sign of Gemini, this lady had my checkup much weakened spleen. This weakness of the spleen, which borders with the onset of depression was due to return twenty years the return in spirit to the cause of the divorce with her husband.

This long-term mentoring of unsolved walk of life, issues, why it happened and the inability to end this flow of ideas wind toward the spleen weakens it. This insomnia is a manifestation of fatigue spleen. Other symptoms are fatigue, indigestion, pancreas and stomach, gynecological problems, decreased muscle of the pelvic floor, problems with the rectum, weaker anemia, paleness and tendency to depression. Ms. must be cut from excessive thinking, stop, look into the past, to go forward and live fully the challenge of new beautiful days.

But first I must strengthen energy spleen using herbs. Only to be stronger, I can tell her wisdom of life and to discuss her psyche. To a person who has a weak spleen and tired, I can talk to like oak. They do not understand me, hear me. It was only spleen Rejuvenate my thoughts, the patient will know what I mean. Previously not. And that's why success in treating depression splenic type is not so high in the offices of psychiatrists and psychologists. Doctor and patient talking to hear.

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